Sunday, 19 April 2020

Sunday 19th April Service

On this beautiful Sunday morning in Hogsback we thank Norma (and her parrot) for a lovely message of hope. Jesus stand among us, even were we find ourselves in our lockdown places of safety!

Heavenly Father,

We thank You for Your innumerable Blessings. For sending Your Son, Jesus Christ, to live amongst us; to die on the cross for our sins; to rise again to give us the hope of new and everlasting life,

Lord God in your Word You have assured us so often that we do not need to be afraid. Bur still, Lord, we are fearful.
The world fears the unknown  and  out of control virus taking us on unfamiliar paths. We fear what our world will be like in the future.
We thank you for all who are working tirelessly  to protect the people , contain the virus, care for the sick and comfort  the dying and those who grieve.

We pray for our country. Thank You for leaders who are stepping forward to protect us , those who are trying to plan for the road ahead and a better future for all our people. Please bless them, Lord. May they learn that they are not alone, that they need to turn to You for guidance. This is an opportunity for creative and compassionate thinking . Lead us into a new order with new ideas.

In our community we pray that you will be with those without means of support, those who are hungry, those who have lost their jobs. Bless those who are working to feed the needy, may we who have much be generous in our giving.

Please be with all who are struggling with being in isolation.

We pray for the sick and for those in need………

We ask Your blessing on ourselves, on those whom we love and those who are far away.

Keep  us faithful, Lord, keep us safe  under the shadow of Your  wings . May we always know that Your Hand is outstretched to hold us and lead us in Your Way ..Amen

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