Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Pew leaflet 15 February 2015

      St Patrick-on-the-Hill              Hogsback              15th  February 2015
6th Sunday of the Year

We welcome you this morning, with a special welcome to visitors.  The service is led by the Revd Dr David Williams


The readings to meditate on are:.

2 Kings 5:1-14
Ps 32
1 Corinthians 9:24-27
Mark 1:40-45

Collect for the week:

Lord God of wisdom and truth
you have made yourself known to the world
in your Son Jesus Christ:
grant that we may know him and love him
and through him may share
the fullness of eternal life;
who now lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit one God, for ever and ever

Churchwarden                         045-962-1147     
Priest                                       045-962-1244
Sick Visiting Ansie                  082-800-8731


*           Lent starts on Wednesday.  That means that Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday, (to 'shrive' is to grant absolution to; to forgive), when people traditionally make their confessions.  It is also Pancake Day.

This year we will have a Garden Party starting at 10:00, when men and women can come dressed up with wonderful hats, bringing their secateurs with them, and, after doing some trimming in the church garden, will be treated to delicious pancakes.

*           Our Planning Day went very well, and we are grateful both to those who were able to attend, and to those who supported us in prayer

Some splendid ideas came up and Parish Council are in agreement.  On the Notice Board you will find a pink sheet of card with various activities written tp.  Please will you write your name and phone number against any you would like to be involved in.

*           Luke Williams's health is still deteriorating.  Read the letter from his wife Katherine, on our Blog at http://stpatrickonthehill.blogspot.com

*           Ansie visited Moira Luck in our behalf and reports that she is in tremendous pain, and has been unable to get about for months.  Please pray for her and, if you get the opportunity, please visit her.

*           Graham Ressell has been in and out of hospital again this week.

*           The Keeses have found a care home for Jean and she has moved in.

For your diary

Monday:           14:30    Ladies' Bible Study
Tuesday:           10:00   Garden Party
                        16:30   Bible Study at Hidden
Sunday 22nd February 10:00        Revd Margaret Fourie  


*           Keep praying for the whole Williams family, especially for Gill and David, Luke and Katherine at this very painful time.

*           Please pray for the leaders of our churches – many of them seem to have 'lost the plot' and are seemingly more concerned with status than humility and the will of God.

*           Pray for Neil Cooper, Fritz, Graeme Ressell,  Anton van der Merwe, Elizabeth Macpherson, Moira Luck and Jean Keese.

*           Pray for Hobbiton and Jikani, and give thanks for a good-sized gift of money this week for Jikani.

*           Pray for all with relationship problems and those facing financial difficulties

*           Pray for Crabbush School, for Nathi Beja the Principal, his staff (esp. Santie) and all the learners.

*        Remember John Bowker, Peter Nieth, and Deidre and Carol caring for them.

*           Pray for the people of Hogsback every day at 08:00,

*           Every day, pray at 21:00 for South Africa, especially for our various political leaders.

Friday, 13 February 2015

St Patrick’s News February 2015

Christmas services went well and all were congratulated on the wonderful worship offered to both the congregation and public of Hogsback.

We shall celebrate our 80th Anniversary with a Bring and Share Supper at Hidden Away on Tuesday
17 March 2015 at 6pm. Please tell Jeannette ph 1238 if you are attending.

We shall have a Passover Supper on Thursday 2 April 2015 co-ordinated by Ann, venue and programme to be decided. Please tell Ann ph 1147 if you are attending.

There was feedback from the Think Tank consisting of Quinton, Jeannette, Leigh, Ann, Alfrieda, Ansie, Helen and Margaret. They made suggestions for activities for St Patrick’s like prayer boxes, garden party, singles club, welcome cards, walking group and others to be implemented immediately. Other activities were suggested on a long-term basis. In this way the youth were given a voice and the Council approved all the ideas on the basis that someone come forward prepared to lead each one.

Community The Blogpage put up by Maggie is excellent but needs to be updated regularly. Jikani and Hobbiton to be supported by the Chapel as they are doing excellent work for the needs of Hogsback and further afield. The Council approved that these two bodies be allocated R1 000 a month from the Chapel, over and above the tithing to Callie Evens Home.

Finance Quinton presented the financial statements for 2014 in preparation for them being audited for vestry. Budgeted income was R157 000, actual was R144 816 which included R77 571 for tithing, R45 426 collections, R13 260 for weddings; budgeted expenditure was R147 000, actual was R144 682 with a profit of R134, which included R47 380 honorarium, R36 616 assessments, R21 417 donations and R16 034 tithing. The chapel finances are in an excellent state, particularly the generosity of the congregation in giving R122 997 in collections and tithing being R10 249 per month! In turn the chapel has given away R74 067 or R6 172 per month! The buildings and contents are well insured. Quinton was congratulated on his budgeting and his clear keeping of the books. The Chapel has been a good custodian of the HUCF assets which have grown by R7 801.

Coming Up: 
Tuesday 17 March at hidden away, Bring and Share Supper from 6pm to celebrate our 80th Anniversary on St Patrick’s Day

Sunday 22 March Vestry, to elect a new Council

Thursday 2 April at 6pm Passover Supper

Easter Services: Friday 12noon, Sunday 8am and in the Arboretum 10am.

Thank you.

Trevor Webster
Chapel Warden
13 February 2015