Sunday, 5 July 2020

Sondag diens 5 Julie 2020

Vanoggend is dit ons Afrikaanse diens gelei deur Norma, Jan en Maggie. Hoe stuur die Here ons in hierdie tyd? Wat is die oplossing?


Sunday, 21 June 2020

Sunday Service 21 June 2020: Our Need for God's blessings

This morning our service is lead by Norma (and her parrot), joined by Maggie, Ann and Jenny (and her dog). Please join us at 10 am this Sunday and be blessed.

Sunday, 14 June 2020

Sunday, 7 June 2020

7 Junie 2020 Die Heilige Gees se Agenda

Vanoggend word ons Afrikaanse diens gely deur Norma Fivaz en sy gaan bietjie gesels oor die Heilige Gees se agenda vir ons. Kom luister gerus saam!

Sunday, 31 May 2020

Pentecost Sunday: 31 May 2020

This morning is a VERY SPECIAL service as it is the "last service" of Reverent Barry Wittstock, before he retires tomorrow, after 40 years of service to the Anglican Church. To read more about his service and ministry, see this post. Feel free to leave a message in the comments below or a video message here.


National Day of Prayer

St Patricks Chapel · National Day of Prayer (St Patrick on the Hill)

On this special National Day of Prayer, in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, we have been asked to pray for particular issues. When I say “Lord in your mercy”,  you can respond “hear our prayers”. 

We bring to you, Holy Creator God, our fears and longings, asking in the name of Jesus, that You would fill us, that You would respond to this crisis in our land and in the world. And that your glory would be known. 

Thank you for your love and your presence with us and so we come as people uncertain and fearful with so much that we do not know or understand. As a whole range of things is unfolding around, us we ask that You will bring comfort and assurance of Your presence and peace in our hearts and homes.  Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

 We pray for an end to the scourge of the virus, that through your power, a vaccine will be developed soon and made freely available to all. 

We pray for all the scientists involved in the vaccine trials. We pray for the National governments, the World Health Organisation and for the people who are part of those trials Lord in your mercy hear our prayer.

We remember especially all those who are infected. We ask You to comfort them and bring healing and hope. We pray for their families and communities who are fearing the worst. We ask that your comfort and presence will be with all who grief people who grieve, especially those who haven't had the opportunity to be involved in any process of grieving and burials.  We pray for church leaders, that they would be sensitive in their reaching out to those who grieve and in the funeral services. Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.

As the community in South Africa moves into level 3, we are also aware of the increased risks and raised fears of a rapid increase in new infections. We remember today all those going back to work and to school, as the schools open again tomorrow. We pray for all those who work in the screening, testing and advising of those who are ill and all who care for them. We pray especially for the safety of all frontline workers in the health sector, in shops and caring for us with basic services.  Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer. 

We pray for all whose livelihoods have been destroyed during the lockdown. We ask for hope of new beginnings and a generous sharing of resources, so that all may have dignity and health. We pray for all those involved in stimulating the economy, that they would be able to make wise and inspired decisions that would lead to growth and jobs and an easing of the hardships that so many people are experiencing.  Lord in your mercy,  hear our prayer. 

We pray for the leaders of all faiths and especially the South African Council of Churches.  We pray for the leadership of the church and we pray for the role of local churches in reaching out and caring for those in need. 

We ask all these things in the name of Jesus Christ, who came and redeemed us, who introduced us to the Holy Spirit and for the Holy Spirit who fills us and empowers us and makes new beginnings: “Behold I make all things new”.  
And so we commit this country, our time of prayer and the needs of the people that we've prayed for, to you Holy God. We hand them into your hands. 


Notice: There will be National Day of Prayer Service on SABC 2 at 16:00 31st May.