Saturday, 13 February 2021

February 2021Chapel Newsletter

 Dear Members of St Patrick’s

This Sunday, 14th February, Valentine’s Day, will be our final virtual Service! It will be taken by Norma and Ann with Maggie organizing. What a team! They have maintained services throughout this difficult time and reached a wide congregation outside Hogsback! Thank you. Please visit our webpage to enjoy the service.

From 21st February we shall have services in the chapel. Please bring your mask and enjoy worshipping together. Although there will not be tea, we hope congregants will greet one another after the service.

The Services on Sundays at 10am for February and March are:

14th February; Valentine’s Day, virtual service led by Norma and Ann; Ash Wednesday 17th

21st February; Norma and Ann

28th February; Rev Barry Wittstock

7th March; in Afrikaans Ds Hendrien van Vliet from Fort Beaufort

14th March; Annual Vestry and Election of Councillors after service led by Norma and Ann, Reports by Chairman, Priest and Treasurer’s Income Statement and Budget for 2021. (During 2020 we lost income from collections, but our tithing was generous enough to pay the diocesan assessment, Jubilee expenses, cover the thatch with netting wire and donate to those local bodies we tithe to. If you would like to tithe, please pay your contribution to our chapel bank account mentioning your name and the word tithe: St Patrick’s Chapel Council, Std Bank, 050319, a/c 082147493.

21st March: Norma and Ann

28th March; Rev Barry Wittstock

2nd April Good Friday; 4th April Easter Sunday service in Afrikaans taken by Ds Leon van Niekerk


Thank you. 

Trevor Webster; 

Chapel Warden

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