Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Sermon: Breakfast on the beach

Reading: John 21:1-14

What is your favourite meal of the day?  Ours is breakfast - we give it no thought!  It is so good to receive with no effort.  This was what happened on the beach when Jesus made the breakfast - he saves us in the same way, by grace and without our effort!  But I hope that we do seek to understand more? The other thing about breakfast is that I pray at that time - are you spiritually hungry?  We are invited to a meal with Jesus, the communion.  And regular provision.

Peter was! He was eager to get to Jesus, the RISEN LORD - what of us?  Jesus had become the centre of his life - he was saved, so called God's child (Jn 21:4). What a contrast with his call (Lk 5:8), when meeting with Jesus was terrifying - he knew that he was a sinner. If we are not saved, God is indeed terrifying (Heb 12:29). Do we run from Jesus because of our sin?

Peter had tried to go back to his previous life, which was fishing, but it could never satisfy again.  The miracle must have reminded him of the time when he was called, he was sent to fish people (Lk 5:10).  We likewise can be reminded of the time when we committed to God, and that will help us

When they got to the beach, they saw Jesus' provision.  What an abundant supply - 153 fish!  They had been made by God, brought to them by God, the creator and provider, but collected by people.  Does God have more blessing for us?  They were told to put their net on the RIGHT side - we will only be blessed if we are obedient.

The fish had to be cooked before they ate, using the coals and fire that God made.  And at the communion, people need to act; the bread and wine are created, but need to be prepared by people.  The fire must also have reminded of the coming Spirit, enabling their service.

Peter met Jesus
            He was SAD because he was confronted by the past, his failure, sin and denial. Likewise we disappoint God, but like him, we receive God's grace.
            He was SENT, commissioned for the future.  "Feed my sheep" (three times - John 21:15,16,17)
            But then he was promised SUFFERING, he would glorify God in giving his life (John 21:19).

Jesus invited them and us to "Come and have breakfast"
                        He provides for His children (Jn 21:5)
                        is it a long time since you knew blessing?
                        Enjoy the RISEN LORD!?

Prof David T Williams
Theology (retired)

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