Saturday, 3 February 2018

St Patick’s Chapel Congregation Profiles 2018: The Keeses

This year, 2018, has started with trying to get to know one another a little better. We are aiming to do profile features of our Chapel's congregants and supporters, as well as the wonderful clergy and laymen (woman) who liven up our chapel life and inspire us to be better and be more loving members of our community! We will from time to time ask for input and photos, to make sure that we tell the whole story of our profiled community members. Trevor has enthusiastically volunteered to put the profiles together, elaborate thereon (in his role as historian and storyteller of note) and then pass it on to be featured here on our Chapel blog site.  Our  first St Patrick family to be featured is the Keese family, who has been outstanding as an example of family unity and support within our little Chapel community!!

The Keese family consists of Mark a farmer/entrepreneur, his wife,  Grace, more affectionately known as Tippie , and their three gorgeous daughters, Chane a third-year student in the Arts/Law Faculty at Rhodes University, Christean and Kathleen, pupils at Lillyfontein in East London. Tippie is also the esteemed principal of  Davidson School in Alice.

The Keese family plays an invaluable role at St Patrick’s. Tippie is a significant member of the Chapel Council and organised Xhosa services for many years with Harold Mrashula as preacher. The family takes sidesman duty for two months of the year when they host services and the girls bake goodies and make tea while the adults greet visitors – what a model arrangement!

Tippie grew up in Cradock as a loving member of the Moolman family and keeps in contact with her two sisters, on occasions going on holiday together. She became a teacher in Cathcart where she met the young Mark Keese, son of the Alice Magistrate (his mother stayed with them for many years).  They courted and got married in Jeffrey’s Bay where they have a house. They have been married for 24 years and live happily in Hogsback along with their many dogs, chickens, geese, pigs, goats, sheep and cows. The children have grown up looking after animals and being
close to nature. At one stage they ran a shop and have a self-catering cottage – so they are busy, or Tippie is! The family spend a lot of time bonding together and love outdoor activities.  For a birthday party you’ll find the family out in the veld braaing together.  They laugh a lot, are grateful for their many blessings, dream big, create memories, never give up and love one another. No wonder that the Keese family are a model family at St Patrick’s – they attend services when they can and always lower the age-level. They are faithful, sincere and outspoken.

Thank you Keeses for enriching St Patrick’s with your presence and your love for life. You are a blessing to us. 

Trevor Webster
Chapel Warden

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