Monday, 10 October 2016

Prayer for Inclusion / Exclusion: 9th October 2016

Heavenly Father, You have challenged us this morning through Your Word and through the sermon of Your servant, Liz.

We had to face issues about including or excluding those things in our lives, that we don't feel comfortable with:
         - the unknown
         - the less popular
         - those issues in our society that many try to avoid.

How can we ever be so arrogant  as to think that we are without:  
- blemish                                                                                                         
- short-comings                                                                                                         
- issues that may appall You?

We beg for forgiveness, for all these issues that are not right in our lives.

Some of us had the privilege to listen to dr Tim Wilson yesterday, as he mapped out the hurts and pain of our land, our country. Oh God, we bow before You this morning as intercessors for our country .....from the top ....those who are in positions of leadership at National, Provincial and local levels. We plead for wisdom on their behalf, discernment to make and take decisions that would honor You. Raise up leaders who would serve You, in the first instance.

Lord, we pray for our own community /  our village, with all it's hurts, frustration, pain. Make is sensitive to each other's pain, each other's needs and expectations.

And then there are the specific needs in Hogsback:
   - those who have lost dear ones. We commit Annette Schenk and her family to You. They are still grieving over the loss of a mother and grand-mother. At the same time, we want to give You thanks for Ouma Lappies' faith and her love for You.

   - Those in our community with failing health, food shortage, insecure financial situations, unemployment. Give us as Christians, the appropriate leadership and insight to make a difference where we can.

   - We bring Peter Neith to You this morning. As he struggles with increasing immobility, there must be a huge amount of frustration. Help him and give him peace, Your peace, to understand why he is going through this difficult patch in his life. We pray for his carers: Carol.....give her love and understanding for Peter's situation. Help Rosie, who so patiently assist Peter on a daily basis. Thank you for providing 
in this crucial need.

Lord, and then we need to pray for ourselves: help us to identify the "leprosy" in ourselves. Help us not to get stuck in the rud of thinking that leprosy cannot be healed. Help us to take the step ---- to approach You, take Your hand and let You change us.

We ask all of this in Your precious name.

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