Sunday, 4 January 2015

2nd Sunday of the year

St Patrick’s is an unusual church in that, while the property is owned and administered by the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Grahamstown, the congregation is made up of members of many different denominations. Today’s preacher is Presbyterian (from a Methodist upbringing!); next Sunday’s preacher will be Anglican, and the third Sunday, Baptist. So we hope that you will feel at home, whatever your background may be.

We all have in common that we love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ, and pray that you will be blessed in sharing our worship, love and fellowship. Please stay for tea afterwards.


Lynn is grateful for all your prayers during the illness of her grandson, Jack. He is now out of hospital and slowly getting back to his normal, cheerful and strong self. It will take some time.

Ollie goes down to Cape Town on Tuesday for his check-up and probable further surgery.

Robin Amery has been ill and in hospital in Grahamstown. He goes back on Tuesday. Please pray for his family. Remember that his stepsons are trained to fix cars, do framing, welding and many other repair jobs.

Luke Williams’s health has deteriorated further. David has returned to England to help Gill, who has also not been well.

The third Sunday of the year is traditionally Covenant Sunday in the Methodist Church, but we will do this only on the fourth Sunday, 25th January. Jikani’s new Administrator, Gemma Tidy, starts this week. Please pray for her and for Jikani as we move into a whole new phase of serving the community. We hope that, with someone there every day, we will be able to hold more training courses, including Conversational Xhosa, Life Skills, Public Speaking, First Aid, and so on. Pray for her as she starts this difficult and demanding work.

For your diary
  • Monday: 14:30 Ladies’ Bible Study 
  • Tuesday: 16:30 Bible Study at Hidden Away 
  • Sunday 11th January 10:00 Revd Margaret Fourie

  •  Keep praying for the whole Williams family, especially for Gill and David, Luke and Katherine at this very painful time. 
  •  Pray for Robin and Santie Amery and their family. 
  •  Pray for Ollie, and for Rudi coping without him while he is away. 
  •  Please pray for Jean Keese and Josie Collins and their families. Also for Daphne Archer. 
  • Pray for Jikani, for secure possession of the property, and for funds to continue the work. 
  • Pray for John Bowker and Peter Nieth, and esp. for Deidre and Carol, caring for them. 
  •  Pray for the church in Pakistan, Syria, Iran, Iraq, North & South Sudan, Nigeria and Egypt. . 
  • Pray for the people of Hogsback every day at 08:00, and every day, pray at 21:00 for South Africa.

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